The Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge (FELC) is an educational program created by the Helms Center Foundation that gives high school students the opportunity to learn about free enterprise and leadership through yearly summer camps and workshops.  To learn more about our program, click here.

Students who participate in FELC programs:

  • Learn principled leadership skills. 
  • Understand critical free enterprise principles. 
  • Experience firsthand what it takes to run a successful business.
  • Increase their academic competitiveness with fun, interactive games and engaging breakout sessions.

What do educators think about FELC?


“The Free Enterprise Leadership Challenge is unlike most summer camps.  Our students came back to school not only with a renewed focus on ethical leadership but also with a new sense of confidence to apply what they’ve learned.  The core principles these students learn are crucial as they prepare for college and the workforce.”


-- John Amanchukwu, N.C. School Principal

What do students think about FELC?


"The days spent at camp have truly ignited a fire in me to do something for the world and speak up for the things I believe in. It also has taught me how much I value being an American citizen which is why I should do all in my power to preserve the power invested in me by the founding fathers."

-Rima Patel, FELC Graduate